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For fans of: Dierks Bentley, Old Dominion, Bon Jovi

Left to right: Brad Fleischer, Ryan Fleischer

Photo by Rod Sanchez

Do you ever wonder what it would be like to mix a Pilsner with Jack Daniel’s? Pilsner brings a smoothness of the cold beer in a country song, while Jack Daniel’s comes crashing in with the grit of American arena rock. Even if you don’t indulge in alcohol, you can still taste the resulting cocktail: the blue collar, heartland sound of Flaysher. You get songs of life, love, and most importantly, songs to shout along with. Consisting of Brad Fleischer (guitar and lead vocals), Ryan Fleischer (bass and backing vocals), and Brandon Alberts (drums), Flaysher are a group of small town boys with their sights set for the international spotlight.

Flaysher, previously known as Storm, came roaring out of Airdrie more than 8 years ago. The band changed their name to Flaysher for the release of their 2016 EP “Starting Over,” and have begun making that name a hard driven boot print in the country music scene. It can be difficult to call this power trio any one thing, though. In fact, the boys take far more cues than those of just country artists. “[we’re] all over the map!” says vocalist Brad. Bob Seger, Morgan Wallen, Bon Jovi, Dierks Bentley, and Meat Loaf fans can all find a place to shake hands on the band’s EP “Starting Over.”

As life goes on, and 2016 comes and goes, the band’s hungry songwriters were ready to turn the page to a new chapter of the same classic book. On March 27th, the band pushed out their brand new single “Flat Broke Famous,” and it shimmers with all the lustre of your fake Ray-Bans and the priceless memories that you wore them for. “It’s [the song] for the couple that forgets the rest of the world exists. With no fear of judgement, and no regrets. Live free, turn some heads, and let ‘em talk” the band says. The song emits the sparkle of modern country, but does not leave the boys’ arena rock reflexes in the dust by any means. “Flat Broke Famous” could without a doubt be one of the summer of 2020’s anthems. It begs to be played on a cheap speed boat out on Pigeon Lake. It screams to accompany you as you drive your old Silverado down 17th ave. “Flat Broke Famous” could inspire drunken 20-something choirs to ring out of the beer gardens and the Cowboys tent this Stampede.

This song is so cohesive with the band’s mission on the stage: “share a great memory with as many people as possible, and have them all feel like they are where they're meant to be.” Yes, “Flat Broke Famous” reminds us of some of the less glamorous things we all do, but it shows us that it’s okay, as long as we’re loving our lives and the people we’re with. I can guarantee that Jon Bon Jovi and Bruce Springsteen would be very proud of Brad, Ryan, and Brandon for that message. The band are certainly not far off from the arena-packing world of their heroes, as they’ve already graced the Coca-Cola Stage at the Calgary Stampede in 2017, as well as the opening ceremonies of the Alberta Summer Games.

“We just want to write songs that make people think, or smile, or feel something strong. We also love writing optimistic songs that put the listener in a good headspace to kick some ass in life.” Flaysher are certainly gearing up to kick some ass in their lives, as plans to release more songs are not far away.

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