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by Kalen Baker

For fans of: Death, Razor, Exciter, Gatekrashor

Metal has evolved into many subgenres since it’s birth at the end of the 60s. Those subgenres continued to evolve and change with different sounds and aesthetics throughout the years. But some bands ignore ever changing trends and stick to what they know best. And sometimes the old school is the most sacred of heavy metal knowledge!

Immortal Force might be a new project but all the members are veterans of the Calgary and Vancouver metal scenes. Immortal Force is made up of the caveman guitar riffage of Blackulto Culto (Bloodsport, Excavator, etc.) battering drums of Depressor (Hrom), guttural bass of The Notorious P.I.G, and maniacal shouts of Lawless (Gatekrashor, Glare)

Immortal Force is not just a typical Old School Death Metal clone that rehashes the same sounds as the 90s Florida Death Metal Scene. Immortal Force is their own savage beast/ This band sounds more like a mix of death metal and old school speed metal. Most of the riffs are driving, fast paced hard rock riffs that conjure the image of a leather clad motorcycle gang of undead ghouls. Certain riffs evoke the force of canadian greats Razor, Exciter and Gatekrashor. They also have a clear obsession with old school horror as is very common in death metal. They make this horrifyingly clear with their song “Guts” with vocals that sound as gory as the title.

Immortal Force’s self released their first demo, Into The Necrosphere on March 4th which they also recorded themselves. The sound of their demo is super raw and rough around the edges. It’s not super sparkly and squeaky clean like a new album on Nuclear Blast. It’s dirty and captures every ounce of energy and aggression the band has. It’s gritty and evil but the guitars also carry a fair bit of melody and add tasty leads. Immortal Force certainly has a wide range of influences. You can hear everything from Sarcofago, to Running Wild, to Discharge on Into The Necrosphere. The band members worship old school metal at the altar.If you’re a fan of anything underground and old school, you’ll enjoy Immortal Force.

Immortal Force is a rising new power in the Calgary scene that definitely has fistfulls of potential. They’re truly making local metal dangerous again. Their sound is exciting and diverse. Not the same straight blast beats and riffs you’ve heard before. I’m looking forward to hearing what new material Immortal Force puts out in the future. They’re planning a Calgary and Vancouver show for the summer but that might be postponed due to the current state of things. Follow their Facebook page for updates on future shows and recordings.

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