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by Kalen Baker

Traveler plays a modern brand of turbocharged, high octane 80s heavy metal highly reminiscent of Judas Priest, while having their own distinct and fresh sound.Traveler’s lineup is an impressive all star lineup consisting of JP Abboud (Borrowed Time, Gatekeeper, Syrinx, Funeral Circle), Matt Reis (Gatekrashor, Hrom), Toryin Shadlich (Hazzerd), Chad Vallier (Riot City) and Dave Arnold (Striker). All these guys have proved themselves to be solid heavy metal musicians in other projects. On Traveler albums, all their personal influences come together to craft very solid music that stands up strong against many albums from back in the day. 

Traveler has gained a large amount of fans and popularity across the world in a short time with a demo, one compilation appearance and two albums to their name since their formation in 2017. They’ve even had the great honor of playing the underground heavy metal festival “Keep It True” in Germany in 2019. Their music grasps heavy metal fans with their creative song structures and old school sound that’s familiar yet unlike anything you’ve heard before. The dual guitars are melodic, carrying the song forward with awesome catchy riffs and impressive leads. Traveler writes some of the most fleshed out classic heavy metal of recent years.

Their latest offering is Termination Shock, released April 10th 2020. If you’re tired of countless albums repeating the same metal cliches, this record is a refreshing change and worthy of your full attention. JP’s unique and expressive voice soars above the instrumentals, demonstrating an exciting vocal range. Not only in terms of pitch, but also in timbre and tone. He’s very expressive on albums he’s recorded with other bands and manages to fit really well with whichever band he’s singing with. The lyrics are also very well written and intelligent. Topics can range from sci-fi, to personal topics and thoughts about worldview. Songs like “Termination Shock” tell a gripping story reminiscent of the classic horror franchise Alien which is super entertaining when you pay attention to the lyrics. “Foreverman” deals with more serious themes of loss and grieving but with a powerful feeling of remembrance. This band's attention to detail in both songwriting and performance leaves very little to be desired except maybe more Traveler!

In March 2020, Traveler went on their first Europe tour with Riot City. They had a great run of shows throughout the UK, France and Germany including the festivals Brofest and Hell Over Hamburg. This was just leading up to the Coronavirus crisis and the remainder of the shows were cancelled mid-tour including their appearances at Up The Hammers in Athens. Unfortunately they were stranded on the other side of the pond. Both bands made the best of their time hanging out and enjoying the city they were in. With Traveler’s  work ethic and love for heavy metal, they will definitely be back to play for the rest of the fans across Europe who missed out! 

Traveler has a strong career ahead of them and their early albums will certainly be remembered and beloved as heavy metal classics in the years to come. Check out their newest album Termination Shock! Like them on Facebook to stay tuned for future shows and releases.

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